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Organism provides a set of content modules, a community networking site, web construction & hosting, a real live forest sanctuary retreat space and 777 as interconnected content nodes for the advancement of humankind.

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organiConnectivityContent Module

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Additional submodules

  • oAstro
  • oQabalah
  • oLinguistics
  • oPlanner
  • oGeography

Included submodules

  • oType/Template
  • oContext/Subject
  • oAttribute/Response
  • oItem/Gallery
  • oCalendar/Dating
  • oSocial/Messaging
Core CMS code

AN( )MLCommunity Network

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idiosyncratic interconnectivity platform



A Note on the Name

All lifeforms are the physical manifestations or surfaces of hyperdimensional consciousness, therefore "organism" is among the highest identification of our being and I humbly bow before the great living mind as an example of its masterwork.

Justin Bird, May 2010EV

Interfaces Building & Hosting

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777 Mapping Dimensions and Attributes

Retreat Center Rainforest Sanctuary

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Located on the big island of Hawaii, we will be setting up meditation and camping sites as well as small music gatherings on the new 3.5 acre property soon. Please inquire if you would like to visit and/or help out.


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